"Being in a band keeps you very young at heart"

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"I do genuinely believe that we have the most dedicated and loyal fans on the planet. We might not have the most, but we have the best"

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I don’t need any award to justify the fact that my band is the best in the world. I believe it’s true and belief is everything. - Tom Fletcher + 

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 People according to urban dictionary: Tom Fletcher
→ Amazingly talented musician from a band called mcfly. I mean, this man can do it all. He sings, writes music, plays guitar and the piano. Tom is also very attractive, and is a favorite of perez hilton! He hides many interesting and beneficial qualities behind his calm composure. His claim to fame through McFly is only a small portion of The Amazing running through his blood. Tom’s heart is as good as gold and his kindness and generosity portrays him as a positive role-model to some of the band’s younger fans. Tom’s uniquely geeky sense of humor and intelligence separates him from the stereotypical idea of a pop star, therefore widening people’s eyes and opening their minds to a new version of the status quo.

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Tom & Marvin by Tom's Instagram

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It’s just another sunrise,
on another day
just another rainbow
well, they’re all the same
let me guess, a sunset
followed by the moon
I think I’m ready for something new

It’s just another love song
about another girl
just another movie
where they save the world
and very rollercoaster
does loop to loop
I guess I’m ready for something new

I’not saying life is boring just predictable sometimes
when you know the end of every other line is gonna rhyme
after every eight we’re always gonna find the nine
on February 2nd will be cold outside

I predict the summer
it is very long
then before you know it
you’re singing Christmas songs
and then we get another
April, May and June
I think I’m ready for something new

I’m not saying life is boring cause it’s beautiful sometimes
like the feeling when you’re falling it’s like walking on the sky
there will come a morning you won’t open up your eyes
but it’s what you do until that day arrives

You wanna touch the mountains
or taste the waterfalls
you only have to see one
then you’ve seen them all
gonna bet tomorrow
that the sky is blue
I guess I’m ready
I think I’m ready
I hope I’m ready for something new. 
(SOMETHING NEW - Tom Fletcher)[x]

~ From engament to Buzz ~ 

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Ah, who cares what you look like anyway. Lets just all have some cake and everything will seem fine!

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RAH 20/09/13 

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"We could be married, like Mrs and Mr, 
We’ll have a son and we’ll give him a sister”

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